Fitness inspired 

Okay. . . So I found some great videos on Youtube that were perfect for my need to workout at home with little materials. Yay! I thought I’d share them incase anyone else wants to try them out.

Also, I found out that there is a community center a few miles up the street from my neighboorhood that I can join for $50 a year! It’s super small, but they have cardio machines, free weights, and my favorite thigh machines. (No idea what they are called) Best of all, it’s air conditioned!!! Where I live it’s already triple digits 🔥 so I need the AC.

My friend and I were thinking about getting a free trial at our local gym as well if we want to try a class or two. For now, I’m happy with these home workouts I found and the small community fitness center to try a gym workout I found as well. 

Here are the videos/exercises I’m doing. My focus areas are abs and lower body (booty). My arms are great due to lifting two kids all day! 

YouTube workouts: For home

Brett Cap- 6 booty workouts Fast forward to 2:50 to get right to the moves. 
BodyFit by Amy This is for ab separation following pregnancy, which I have. The video is super slow so I fast forward to see the moves and do them on my own. 
YouTube workouts: For gym

Tammy Hembrow- Booty workout Talk about inspiration!!!!
Me, at the fitness center. 🙂 👇🏽

Something I’m just realizing I can do from this photo are barre workouts! I will try to find some videos for that soon. 


At home fitness

Has anyone ever been successful at getting in a good home workout with kids running around? If so, let me know your secret. 

So far, my attempts to workout at home have fallen flat. (Much like my tush 😳) I told myself that I’d be back to my “before” body by now. In some respect I am. I’m at BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight, thanks to nursing, but my clothes aren’t quite fitting the same. Following baby #1, I bounced back almost instantly. Baby #2 is giving me a run for my money! 

My ultimate goal is to gain muscle and have more energy. Everything I’m reading so far  leads to weight training as a way to achieve both. The only road block is that I don’t have a gym membership and will have to do it at home. I’ve asked a good friend to workout with me in the yard and at the park. I’ve gotten some great ideas from the hubs and Pinterest. I also purchaced these pretty resistance bands on amazon. 

I’m thinking that working out with a friend will help with needing some “me” time, as well as becoming more happy/healthy. 

Does anyone have any at home workout that they love and can be done with little equipment? I’d love to hear ideas. 

Mommy burnout

I used to think that stay-at-home moms had it made. Then, I became one. Turns out it’s not always living the dream. I think my kids are secretly working together to drive me to insanity! 😂

Don’t get me wrong, I love my babies more than anything in the whole world, but they are tough to entertain 24/7. Having a 27 month and a 9 month old means constantly having a tiny version of yourself hanging on you, diaper changes 15+ times a day, and constantly cleaning up toys and food messes without having yet showered. 

It’s a lot for one person to deal with. I can’t believe my mom had four while I struggle with two. I know one day I will long for these days; so I try to stay positive. I need to come up with creative ways to keep them happy. 

Any tips from other SAHM’s on how to overcome? 

A desert zoo

We are in our last week of spring break and needing to get out of the house. Decided some more nature was a good idea so we headed over to The Living Desert in Palm Desert, Ca. It was hot, but so fun. A great place to take the family if you are ever in town.  Here’s a few images from our visit. 

Our favorites were the Butterflies and baby pigs. (I couldn’t get a pic of the babies because they were too far to the fence overhang.)

Free association writing

I’m in a funk. I have been cleaning and cleaning again. Cooking and cooking some more.

It’s April and already 92 degrees outside 😫

My kids are lovely, but they are driving me crazy. 

I need my feet squeezed, not rubbed, squeezed because they hurt so badly. 

I just turned 33. It’s not old, but LINES ARE FORMING! 

I think I’ll go paint some rocks.

That’s all for now …

Nature to refresh the spirit

Anyone ever notice that kids notoriously love the outdoors?! I’m thinking there is a reason for that. 

On a wild hair I decided to take the family out for a drive and we ended up in Oak Glen. Mostly known for their apples, this little mountain hideaway is truly a hidden gem. Take a look.

My daughters could not take their eyes off the beauty that was around us. My husband and I were reminded of how much we loved being in nature. 

The trail is kid and pup friendly complete with information on animal habitats and tree species. 

Next time you need a pick me up, I highly recommend this spot! 

Alone time for self-reflection 

Moving forward on my try at shedding mom guilt and practicing self-care…scheduled alone time. 

Growing up with three sisters, alone time was sparse. Now that I’m a mom it’s even more elusive. I can’t even go to the bathroom alone! So, I’ve decided to set aside some time for myself. 

Ideally this time can be spent doing things that are not required, but enjoyable. Think walking, pedicure, reading, writing, etc. 

I also plan on asking myself a series of questions as a way to reflect on my life and grow as a person. 

  • Am I being positive towards myself? 
  • Do I represent my best self to my children? 
  • Am I being a good wife? Daughter? Friend?
  • What is a short term and long term goal I can work towards? 

Taking some alone time to have a chance at self-reflection would not only benefit me, but my family as well. In order to be happy with others you have to be happy with yourself. 

What do you guys think, is alone time inportant? 

Take care!