At home fitness

Has anyone ever been successful at getting in a good home workout with kids running around? If so, let me know your secret. 

So far, my attempts to workout at home have fallen flat. (Much like my tush 😳) I told myself that I’d be back to my “before” body by now. In some respect I am. I’m at BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight, thanks to nursing, but my clothes aren’t quite fitting the same. Following baby #1, I bounced back almost instantly. Baby #2 is giving me a run for my money! 

My ultimate goal is to gain muscle and have more energy. Everything I’m reading so far  leads to weight training as a way to achieve both. The only road block is that I don’t have a gym membership and will have to do it at home. I’ve asked a good friend to workout with me in the yard and at the park. I’ve gotten some great ideas from the hubs and Pinterest. I also purchaced these pretty resistance bands on amazon. 

I’m thinking that working out with a friend will help with needing some “me” time, as well as becoming more happy/healthy. 

Does anyone have any at home workout that they love and can be done with little equipment? I’d love to hear ideas. 


3 thoughts on “At home fitness

  1. I would suggest going on Youtube. I never really considered their workouts, but if you take the time to look, there are some amazing trainers and people who really know what they are doing. Some people offer a series of workouts that you can do on different days. 🙂

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