Fitness inspired 

Okay. . . So I found some great videos on Youtube that were perfect for my need to workout at home with little materials. Yay! I thought I’d share them incase anyone else wants to try them out.

Also, I found out that there is a community center a few miles up the street from my neighboorhood that I can join for $50 a year! It’s super small, but they have cardio machines, free weights, and my favorite thigh machines. (No idea what they are called) Best of all, it’s air conditioned!!! Where I live it’s already triple digits 🔥 so I need the AC.

My friend and I were thinking about getting a free trial at our local gym as well if we want to try a class or two. For now, I’m happy with these home workouts I found and the small community fitness center to try a gym workout I found as well. 

Here are the videos/exercises I’m doing. My focus areas are abs and lower body (booty). My arms are great due to lifting two kids all day! 

YouTube workouts: For home

Brett Cap- 6 booty workouts Fast forward to 2:50 to get right to the moves. 
BodyFit by Amy This is for ab separation following pregnancy, which I have. The video is super slow so I fast forward to see the moves and do them on my own. 
YouTube workouts: For gym

Tammy Hembrow- Booty workout Talk about inspiration!!!!
Me, at the fitness center. 🙂 👇🏽

Something I’m just realizing I can do from this photo are barre workouts! I will try to find some videos for that soon. 


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