Emotionally decluttering – mom guilt

My kids are amazing, best thing ever. 

I spend all day wiping tush, cleaning mess, playing jester, and attempting to impart knowledge. I actually don’t mind it all. I get a lot of hugs and kisses for my work. ❤

But I wonder,  why do I beat myself up when I want to enjoy a few (one usually) kid free hours?!

Mom guilt is so real. I somehow feel that if I’m not with my kids 24/7 that something terrible may happen or that I’ll miss out on a milestone. I know all the moms out there understand. 

Being on this journey to minimalism and decluttering has made me want to emotionally declutter as well. 

Holding on to guilt takes up a lot of space in the body. At least it feels that way. We all know emotions can manifest into physical reactions. 

Guilt is no different. I’m not just talking about mom guilt either. We all have experienced guilt over something. 

Who else is ready to stop feeling the guilt?


Hidden treasure- on a hike 

While on my hike yesterday I decided to take a new path. I happened upon a heart shaped monument made from rocks and broken glass. Half nature- made and half human-made materials. It was beautiful.

Like most art pieces, it can be interpreted in many ways with the variable being the person viewing it.

To me it represents the many parts of a persons emotional heart and its ability to hold a special place for all the things that a person can love or harbor.

What does it mean to you?

Memory- only you

When I was younger my father and I used to always hang out in our backyard. We would swim, shoot targets, care for the lawn and trees, and my favorite: star gaze. It was a special time.

He would tell me stories of his life before having a family and about his journeys working on ships all over the world. 
It was while stargazing when he first told me something that has stuck with me all my life. He said, “Cassandra, there is only one you. With all the stars in the sky and people in the world, you are the only you.”
He would remind me every so often. When I was sad, or celebratory, sometimes when I asked a large request and he couldn’t say no. 
It’s something that is so simple, yet so powerful. Each of us is our own little miracle on Earth. 
I will tell my daughters this when they are older. So they will understand how important they are. 
I hope each of you know it too. 

Toltec inspired- A book recommendation 

Last year at a teachers event I acquired a book called, The Four Agreements, A Toltec Wisdom Book. It was placed in a shelf with the intent to be read when time was available. 

I have just now found the time to begin this book. I wish I had read it last year. 

There are 4 items that the book suggests people agree to do, hence the title. They are:

1. Be impeccable with your word.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

3. Don’t make assumptions.

4. Always do your best.

As I read I’m finding connections that make sense and give me a little relief in the unpredictable world we are currently living in. Its providing a certain understanding in a casual way that is easy to digest for why people may behave certain ways.

Perhaps someone will see this and be inspired like I have. 

Even the cover art is inspiring. 👇🏽

Blooming into Spring

Well here it is…the first day of spring. It’s almost like a belated new year because it feels like a fresh start. The wildflowers are abundant in Southern California and the sun is warming up our atmosphere. Getting out into nature for my family is an absolute must and the flowers make it even more enjoyable. 

Small view from our weekend hikes 👇🏽

Also with this season comes the old pastime: Spring Cleaning! Probably not high on the list of fun for most people, but in my effort to have less, I am ready to start. 

Planning on using this awesome list I found from doing a quick google search! 

Happy Spring to all!!!

Learning from children

Now that I have two kids I find that children can be awesome teachers. I already somewhat knew it being an educator, but watching your own children gives way to insights that I had not connected before.

For one, they are so unapologeticly themselves. My oldest daughter rolls around with her wild curls, eyes wide and totally drinks in the world around her. She knows exactly what she likes and can say no, (constantly at times) without guilt. Often times she can be found tearing off her clothes and outside in nature, simply because it pleases her to do so. She gets mad but forgets it easily.

My youngest. Everything she sees is new and exciting. Even the mundane offers hidden adventure through her eyes. She pays attention to all of her senses so carefully without rush. She smiles at everyone. (Even animals) 

When people grow up sometimes these small things are lost. Often times adults try to hide who they are and try to please others at the expense of themselves. Grown-ups tend to hurry about as if a race is taking place.  They can hold grudges and judge others too quickly.

I want to be more like my kids. Being a friend to all, enjoying the small things, and paying attention to life’s simple beauty. 

Becoming minimal

It’s so easy to disappear in the amount and levels of things. Sometimes I forget that the things I own don’t define who I am or really give me purpose. Recently I’ve started to notice the sheer volume of objects that are filling my house and my life. It’s truly amazing how many things I own and don’t use that are just being saved for the possibility of one day becoming useful. I find myself craving simplicity and wanting to declutter. 

Not too long ago I caught the last part of a documentary titled, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

It was very intriguing and led to many questions. Can I become a minimalist? With two children? And two dogs? Will I be happier with less? Finally, does the old cliche ring true; does less = more?! 

The only way to discover these answers is to attempt a try at reducing the amount of things I hold on to that don’t bring me joy or serve a real purpose. It scares me honestly. I don’t know why people can become attached to objects so easily, but I know I’m tired of feeling like I need to save things “just in case.”

Are there any minimalists out there? I’d really love some tips and suggestions.